Christian Evangelists.

Light from the cross

Christian Evangelists are ministers supernaturally able to declare the word of God, and convince of sin people from any background, and help them respond with faith to a life of righteousness in Christ Jesus.

Every Christian is commanded to announce the gospel of Jesus-Christ; however, Evangelists are supernaturally invested by the Holly Spirit for evangelism .

Individuals invested with this Holy Spirit specially gifted ministry are key players for the growth of the Church. They are gifted to impact, inspire, train and organize ordinary believers for evangelism. They are empowered by the Holy Spirit to populate churches through soul winning to Jesus Christ.

Key Ministry and Big Challenge

The goal of a Christian Evangelist is to bring people to Jesus Christ the Savior. Evangelists who want to start an Independent ministry will face the constraint of lack of resources to sustain their ministry. Some gifted evangelists end up serving in a local church denomination instead of the body of Christ. Some become local church pastors without the spiritual gift or skills they need for this different ministry.

Real evangelists have uncommon skills to win souls to Christ. They need to be available to the global church community (Ephesians 4:11-12) and beyond.

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