In Mark 1:17 and Matthew 4:19 it is written

“Then Jesus said to them, “Follow me,

And I will make you become fishers of men.”


Fishing is winning souls for Christ

Fishing is drawing people to Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus said fishers of men,

Not hunters of men.


The devil uses people in many ways,

To  kill and destroy.

Today we see more hunters of men.


Al Qaeda rises; kills and destroys.

Isis rises; kills and destroys.

Boko Aram rises; kills and destroys.

Ebola rises; kills and destroys.

The sin is increasing; it kills and destroys.


 Inside of this great distress.

Speak life; don’t let people be hopeless.  

Don’t let them get lost in evil ways,

When you are appointed to teach God’s ways.

Without knowledge many are perishing among those people.


Rise up and preach the gospel.

Where are fishers of men?

Where did you put your net?

Where did you leave your shoes?

Did you put your zeal to sleep?  


How beautiful upon the mountains,

Are the feet of whom who brings good news.


Fish them with your living testimony.

Fish them with the word of God.

Fish them with your prayers and .fasting

Fish them with your good works.

Fish them with your good reputation.  


In this generation,

in the church of Jesus Christ,

We want to see arise new Peters.

We want to see arise new Samaritan women.

We want to see arise new Reinhard Bonnkes.

We want to see arise new Billy Grahams,

To keep up God’s program.


Arise and do your mission.

Fulfill the great commission,

For the world to have salvation. 

By Sister Jeanne D.  C. T.    

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