What is evangelism?

“What is evangelism?”

Inside each gospel book and the book of Acts, JESUS CHRIST explains to His disciples about His great commission:

Passing over the bible hand giving a bible to another reaching out

Evangelism- Spreading the Gospel.

  • Matthew chapter 28 ; verses 19 to 20;
  • Mark chapter 16; verses 15 to 16;
  • Luke chapter 24; verses 47 to 48;
  • John chapter 20; verse 21;
  • Acts chapter1;verse 8).

As we just read, JESUS CHRIST commanded His disciples to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of all nations.

It appears that:

  • Evangelism is not a suggestion to the disciples of Jesus-Christ, but a commission.
  • Unfortunately, the culture of evangelism, as commanded by JESUS CHRIST, is yet to be seen in the majority of the Christian word today.

Spiritually gifted Christian evangelists are expected to instruct and organize all believers for evangelism. They should be skilled to help all believers (inside and outside their church denomination) fulfill the great commission of JESUS CHRIST.

What Evangelism is not.

  • Evangelism is not for Evangelists only.
  • Evangelism is not just inviting people to a church or to a religion.
  • Evangelism is not about increasing the number of members in our church denomination.
  • Inviting people to church or increasing the number of church members can contribute to evangelism only if this brings repentance and salvation to lost souls.

Therefore, Evangelism is the communication of the gospel by saved people to lost people by word and life in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that unbelievers become followers of JESUS CHRIST in HIS Church and culture (Alvin Red in Evangelism Handbook).

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