Your Voice Matters

In the book of Romans chapter ten verse fourteen,

It is written:

How then shall they call on

Him in whom they have not believed?

And how shall they believe in him

Of whom they have not heard?

And how shall they hear without a preacher?


The world needs preachers

For people to hear the word of God.

Go into the World and announce the good news.


It’s a command from the LORD.  

The world isn’t far away;

The world isn’t one thousand (1,000) miles away.

The world is around you.

The World is people who don’t know the LORD.

Without knowledge of God,

Many are perishing among those people.

Arise, and preach the gospel.  


Apostle Paul said, “Woe to him, if he’s not preaching the gospel”.

So, the gospel is your responsibility.

Let that be your priority,

in your daily, weekly, monthly activities. 

Your voice matters.

Your voice has an impact.

In the physical world, and in the spiritual world,

The message of salvation that you carry,

Will stop murders, thefts, abortions, adultery, drunkenness.  

Your voice matters.

By your preaching, when someone believes in JESUS,

It’s a big defeat in the kingdom of darkness,

Because they are losing ground.

Your voice matters.

By your preaching, when someone believes in Jesus

And repents, there is joy in heaven.  


Your voice matters.

By your preaching and prayers,

Lives will be transformed, and be saved.

Your voice matters. Preaching the gospel is a must.

Only the living can preach the Gospel:

Lazarus, being in the spiritual world

was asked To go preach the gospel, to the rich man’s house;

He couldn’t come back anymore.  

So, bring up God’s message,

During your earthly passage.


Your voice matters.

The Gospel is greatly needed in many countries.

Arise, and be a missionary.  

JESUS loves you.

JESUS died for you.

JESUS came to save you.

Let the world hear these powerful sounds,

For many to not be left behind,

 At the trumpet sounds.


Your voice matters.  

As ambassadors of CHRIST,

I call to you awareness,

That you take your boldness,

And go to the world,

To preach to the hopeless.


Your voice matters.


Sister Jeanne D. C. T.

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